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Antique Buyers in Montgomery

We are aficionados of rare and unique antiques. Just as we enjoy talking and learning about different items, we also strive to maintain its true value. Our antique experts are honored to assist you in appraising and selling any and all of your quality antiquated items. At Forsythe’s we have experience with an exceptional number of rare pieces and are active buyers of such items. 

Whether you are looking to sell delicate pieces of fine jewelry, hand-crafted ceramics, vintage musical instruments and equipment, or pieces and sets of silvers, our appraisers will assist you in receiving an honest and fair price. Various unusual and exclusive items, such as lamps, glass and crystal sculptures, music boxes, military weapons and memorabilia, and pocket watches, are treasures to us, and we are happy to value and buy quality pieces from you. 

Not sure if an item you have is considered an antique? Don’t know how much an item is worth? Unsure of what an item really is? Our team of appraisers will consult with you to help you receive the best price for your item. Our combined experience and knowledge of antiques and rare items allow us to be confident in the information we offer and the prices we pay. 
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